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When you buy Gislaved tyres from Gislaved, we are pleased to provide you with a high quality support pack free of charge.
This will help you to promote Gislaved to your customers with a range of bright and eye-catching point of sale material.
Your business matters to us, and we want you to be able to promote Gislaved to its best advantage.

Both external and internal signs are available for display in your centre. External signs are available either as a generic Gislaved sign, or with a tailored service menu
A2 Posters
For displaying in your reception area.
For displaying in your window/door.

Two leaflets are available for your reception area:
1. Brand leaflet - this gives your customers information on Viking tyres.
2. Gislaved lifetime guarantee leaflet

4' wide x 2' high sign
A2 Poster
1 .6' wide x 2' high sign
Menu Board