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Nord*Frost 100

  • Optimized ice traction and breaking
  • Excellent snow traction
  • High steering response and Optimized handling on dry roads
  • Smooth and quiet riding
  • High mileage and low rolling resistance

Technical Details:

Ice traction:

Ice Spykes

  • Feature: Optimised pin geometry with edges in all directions.
  • Effect: High interlocking with the icy road in lateral and longitudinal direction.
  • Benefit: High lateral stability, extraordinary ice traction and braking.

Ice Handling:

  • Feature: Circumferential middle block row with straight sipes.
  • Effect: Large contact area with many grip edges.
  • Benefit: High ice grip.

Snow traction:

Snow volumne

  • Features: Double pitch structure with many grooves in the shoulder area. Straight sipes in the middle.
  • ' Effects: Many grip edges and high void volume to collect snow. Sipes open themselves.
  • Benefit: Excellent snow traction and braking.

Grip edges

  • Feature: Optimised angle block edges in all directions.
  • Effect: grip edges in all directions.
  • Benefit: High lateral grip on snow.